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The Akashic Records

Ancient records of past, present, future, all time and space continuum

The Akashic records is an all encompassing record of existence past, preset and future and therefore can be accesses by anyone who has the fine tuned skills and connection to see, hear and understand the communications in the Akashic records.


All reading and healings can be done by distance as there is no time or space in the Akashic Records. I can read for anyone anywhere in the world.

When receiving a reading of the Akashic Records you can expect to...

  • Discover and understand your soul tribe~ the dimension or galaxy of souls origination

  • Connect to your Higher Self

  • Meet your spirit guides and remove any that no longer serve your higher good 

  • Heal any damage to your connection to Source

  • Soul superpowers you have mastered training in astral temples

  • Align your energy centres

  • Access your 'God Spark'

  • Identify Negative Unjustified Karma which is ready to be released

  • Clear any curses, spells, pacts, contracts or bindings

  • Clear any negative entities or energies

  • Clear any vows, cords, hooks, negative etheric implants

About Me


My name is Amanda, and I am a soul realignment Practitioner and Akashic record reader with over a decade of experience and lifetimes of wisdom.

Amanda is a dedicated and experienced soul realignment practitioner. She specialises in Akashic Record Readings & Clearings as well as chakra readings & balancing, relationship counselling and clearings as well as negative entity removal.


Amanda can also assist you in connecting with your guides and angels and also holds akashic reading workshop for those interested in learning about the secrets of the Universe.

Amanda's deep love for nature and connection to spriti has given her the insight and guidance and path of the sooth sayer

About Me


 Akashic Soul Reading

Spiritual Diagnosis

Details all the spiritual blocks and restrictions currently affect your present.

Soul profiling includes your soul tribe, power centre, soul level traits and gifts and gives you empowering info


Manifesting Blueprint 

You will find out all about your specific manifesting blueprint

How you are designed to create & manifest your goals and practically applying this to your goals


Soul Realignment Clearing

Akashic Record Clearing

A removal of all discovered in the reading

Entities, curses, spells, negative karma.

 Payment plan 6 weeks available



Ongoing Clearing or Activation 

Ongoing clearing work where we dive more into specific issues covering all life areas from the emotional and mental level to the more physical practical concerns. We go into root causes to clear them




Relationship reading & clearing

Reading of any relationship (partner, family, children)

Clear past/present life baggage for a fresh start

Understand past connections

Deeper understanding of each other on Soul level

Clearing of both people's dense energetic attachments 


Property Clearing

Clear your home and property from negative energies.

Protection also set up permanently.


Chakra Balance/etheric implant removal

Reading your chakras to see how you are currently using your energy day to day. A total rebalancing and alignment of chakra system





Having received a soul reading and clearing with Amanda in the past and experiencing deep insights in myself and my past experiences... the clearing was subtle yet powerful allowing me to shift blocks holding myself back... truely deep and important work!
Recently we received a soul reading for our 3 month old daughter, the reading itself has helped us see, understand and interact with her on a deeper level as well as gaining clarity on her souls mission and how we can assist through this journey.
Thank you so much Amanda for this beautiful work that you do.
Helping understand and unlock the road map of the soul.

— Nick, Father


Amanda is an absolutely amazing skilled multidimensional healer. I got to experience her work several years ago when she did my Akashic Reading and Soul Realignment. She has my full trust in this type of work. Just last week she removed a 'winged serpent' from my field which instantly catapulted me into my usual field of high frequency. Very grateful for her insights and shift action🙏🏼

— Martina, Intuitive healer





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